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10 Practical ways to make your Startup fail

#1 tell nobody, what’s your Idea

Remember, the idea for Your Startup is the most important thing. Your idea and it’s limitless potential is your most valuable asset. Focusing on the big picture and visualization of the end result is essential. Do not tell anybody about your idea! Do you want to waste countless hours of hard day dreaming by giving it for free to somebody?
Be sure that no one is as creative as you and they do not have the mental capacity to even comprehend Your genius. Not even mentioning, nobody else has any ideas for a business.
Remember, they are going to steal it right away and and they won’t give you any practical feedback. Don’t say a thing to anybody!

#2 don’t bother with research

The google search you did is enough. You know that nobody thought about the same thing before, if somebody would, it would be on the first side on google, right?
So go and do the startup!

#3 theory is for old people

You are a bright person, you know everything what needs to be done. Business is easy! You will figure out the boring stuff on the way. Lean Startup? Busines Model? Finances? That is old people talk. You will set up a fanpage, buy a domain and the rest is easy. Just do what you have imagined and the stupid people will buy it 🙂

#4 do it by yourself

You want to be your own boss, you don’t need any any partner to make your Startup. You do not need to listen to anybody. Why should you have a partner if you can do anything by yourself? You know everything about making your Startup a reality.
#5 everybody is your client
So, people are talking about targeting and stuff. Like, who cares? Everybody is on the internet and Your startup helps everybody! So, everybody should know! When you look at the Facebook ads, just pick all the groups and all the ages. You will have more traction 🙂

#6 marketing and content on the web is free

Why spend cash if you can copy & paste articles form the web. Same goes for pictures! Only stupid people pay for that. The creators should be thanking You for giving their content exposure. Remember to not bother them with messages and pay. The have put it on the web, therefore it’s free.

#7 you only need money to succeed

The only thing to make the startup work Is cash. Just find a VC or an Angel (remember to sign an NDA so you can fine them if they steal your idea, best to record the meeting!). They are giving money anyway. And when they hear your idea and see your brilliance, they will give it to you! The rest is history, just buy the people that will make the app / service and = profit!

#8 competences does not matter

So what if you were never in the IT field. Making an app is simple, it’s just a couple screens and dots. Just because you have been a cook your whole live does not change a thig! Idea is king! Because you feel and believe that the thing you want to make is enough. Go for it but remember #1 – not to say a word to anybody (especially in the field you want to sell, they will take it from you)

#9 the best practice is to attack

You have competition? Don’t worry! Just set up a couple of fake accounts and give them a bad review. You know that you will do better then them. You just need their clients to show how much better you are, you just need a chance. And to get the chance, you need to attack.

#10 strategy is for people who play the game

Your startup is above the game, you don’t need a plan, just a vision. You are better then everybody around so you just need to do and make what YOU think! Your startup is the next Facebook, Twitter, Blinklist etc. They have done it overnight. You will to!


Article written by Dariusz Wiśniewski