So what is Clipster again?

Clipster is a new type of startup space:
– a place where you live, work on your project and get to know people
– a community of people like you working hard on their ideas with the support of more experienced members of the startup ecosystem
– a pre-acceleration program with goals, tutors, events and pitching

Who can apply to Clipster?

Our doors are open both for people who already have an idea for a startup and want to polish it with the assistance of our tutors and for people who do not have a sure-fire business idea yet, but are proactive in life and ready to join the vibrant startup community in Gdańsk.

We are a team – can we apply?

You are welcome to apply – however take into consideration that we have mostly single apartments and a few double apartments.

We are a couple – can we apply?

If you both want to carry out a project, then you can both apply (individually) – you will get a double apartment if we do not run out of them.

How long do I get to stay in Clipster?

The typical stay is 3 months, however there is a possibility to stay longer:
– if you need more time but show progress in your project
– if you decide to enter Alfabeat’s or Starter’s acceleration program

Do I have to have a startup to apply? What if my idea doesn’t work out?

Our idea of pre-acceleration is that you can come with just an idea in mind or even with passion and energy and try yourself for three months while carrying out any kind of project. Your commitment is only for these 3 months. It is ok if you fail – we all do (and we learn from it).

What happens after the program?

Typically you move out to make space for the new members (unless you stay longer to continue work on your project). You become an alumni of Clipster. If your idea turned out to be interesting then you can join an acceleration program. If your idea wasn’t that good after all, well, by then you will probably be offered a job by someone from the community. 🙂

How much does it cost? What do I pay for?

You pay for a package which consists of a private apartment (with kitchen, shower and high speed internet), access to the coworking space (with coffee and a printer) and a pre-acceleration program (tutor, events, networking, etc).
The monthly price is 900 PLN for 1 person, 1100 for 1 person in a bigger apartment and 1500 PLN for a double. Extra costs include electricity and cold water (both metered).
There is a security deposit equal to your monthly price.
We do not take any equity or rights to your project.

Ok, this sounds great. How do I join?

That is quite simple. Just go to www.clipster.pl and apply.

What is the selection process?

Typically you will get an answer very quickly – we will look at your application and if it makes sense, we will invite you to an interview. After ca. 30 interviews we will select the lucky 16-18 (for double rooms) people to join Clipster. There will also be a waiting list for the less lucky ones.

What if I am not selected?

Do not worry and stay in touch. You might be on the waiting list and you can apply to the next edition which will be coming soon.

I am from Sweden / Izrael / Krakow / Wrocław / (any other location) – can I apply?

Yes, definitely! You are more than welcome to come to Clipster and enrich our program and our startup ecosystem.

Who are the tutors?

They are good people with the appropriate experience to help you live in Gdańsk and develop your idea in Clipster. The tutors will discuss your goals with you and they will stay in touch to make sure you didn’t get stuck with your project.
For a full list of tutors see our Facebook page.

What if I want to leave early?

We will be sad. Most likely we will ask you to cover the costs of the 3 months of your stay – unless together we find a different solution.

Is it true that you also offer daily meals as part of the program?

That is not true, at least for now. You will get full support from us to find nice eating places. Don’t forget you will have a fully-equipped kitchenette in your appartment too.

What is the difference between Clipster and other coworking spaces?

Clipster is not a coworking space – it is a combination of three features – coliving, coworking, cocreating – that together help create a community of people who want to live through a startup adventure, and maybe find their new way of living. You focus on your idea and we provide you with an apartment, a place to work, a tutor and other forms of support.

Who are you guys?

We love the idea of people creating their own startups – and we are quite intimate with this process. Clipster was founded by a consortium of Alfabeat and Starter.
Alfabeat is an acceleration program created by four startup veterans (Michał, Michał, Bartek and Jasiu).
Starter was founded by the city of Gdańsk and is the best facilitator of the startup ecosystem in the region.
Chceck us out: http://inkubatorstarter.pl/
We also run an acceleration program you could join if you will start a start-up and we will like it: http://www.starterrocket.pl/

Why did you create Clipster? What else are you up to?

We created Clipster because we believe that the successful creation of startups is not about the building and not about the money – it is about the people that come together, interact, share ideas and inspire each other. We wanted to create a space, where this is possible 24/7.

And guess what – Clipster today is just the MVP 🙂

Do you really, really offer accomodation, coworking and Tutors?

Hell yeah! We think that Clipster is quite awsome and we envy you the opportunity to join the program.

What about the surrounding: what is Garnizon and what it has to offer?

Glad you asked! Garnizon is a modern and highly evolving place on map of Gdańsk. You will find here many restaurants, pubs – all surrounded by charming buildings made of red bricks. Garnizon offers not only a place to live in many of its lofts and apartments, but also lets you work in up-to-date offices nicely fitted between renovated historical army headquarters . You will find here lots of recreational green freindly areas and parks as well as cultural meeting points, like newly established Old Maneż in which you can enjoy music, food and simply life.